Whole Work: Sociotechnicity & DevOps

Autonomy is a psychological frame about how individuals feel — it is inherently individualistic. And if we want to take an approach informed by sociotechnical theory, then instead of the individualistic we want the sociological. Autonomy is the ability to choose which action to take. Agency, however, is the ability to choose an action and observe the results in the system. In a sociotechnical system, agency adds a feedback loop — the ability to see the results of the action.

Transactionality vs Reciprocity in Organization

Jabe Bloom and Benjamin Mosior sit down to chat about Transactionality vs Reciprocity in organization. The increased negotiating that takes place in transactional contexts can create local optima, where one group can “succeed” at the expense of the entire system. On the other hand, a belief that “in the end someone will make this right” reduces the negotiating in organizations with lots of reciprocity, enabling it to “flow” easily into different kinds of situations.